Oct 9, 2010

I've Gone M.I.A.!

So yeah... I haven't been updating! I've kind of gotten lazy, so I haven't been baking or blogging -well that was at least until today. Yesterday morning -ahem... 9 o'clock!- I got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted, so no eating solid food for a while (a long while)! By solid food, I mean simple pastries or even a crispy loaf of bread. Because of that I've given up cooking and, even worse, baking for a while. Oh how am I going to survive? Other than that, I have some great news!

I've been working on awakinging a frozen sourdough starter, but I haven't had good luck. There are some reasons why but after the weekend, I'm going to work on another one. By the time I can eat solid food, my sourdough will be up and awake. I plan to do a couple posts on my method to sourdough!

I am also working on two other websites. One will be about Greek Pastries and another will be a new website for this blog. Awesome huh? I've became infatuated with Greek cuisine so I'm darn excited to share my knowledge with others! I think I will use a nice wordpress site for this blog. So anyway, I'm super excited and a little drugged as of now!!!

Keep checking back for more info! ...Oh and pray for a speedy recovery as I can't go this long with out BREAD! AHHH!!!

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