Write for Us

Hopefully The Thoughts of a Baker taught you something or inspired you to pick up baking. (I hope it did) As I've stated before, our sole goal is to teach people to love baking as we do. As it has been an honor for us to write each blog post, it would be an honor to have readers contribute to our blog. We are always searching for a different perspective and new theories to baking, and the best way to achieve that is through different perspectives.

We are open to single post contributes or full fledged writers. At the moment we do not pay for articles, but we do offer a biography paragraph and a entry into our blog roll which is an excellent tactic to promote your own blog. If you are interested please read our guidelines and send us an email with a brief biography and a sample article.

  1. Full fledged writers are required to have knowledge of baking. In other words, we want you to know what your are talking about.
  2. All articles should be clean. We don't want cussing, racism, and anything your mum wouldn't be to happy about being posted.
  3. We expect each article to be proofread. After all we are trying to promote ourselves as professionals. 
  4. We expect mid to lengthy articles.
  5. We expect writers to be somewhat active on the blog.