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Dear Reader,

Hello! Welcome to my baking blog! Just by looking at my website I can tell that you are an avid foodie, just like me, looking for a good read. I'm more than glad that you are because all my life I've had a knack for food and a inner soul search for everything good eats. There is something inside of us all that looks for food and by eating we feed that. Although, for foodies, like us, we have another thing inside of us, a want to cook. Julia Child once said, "Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." To us food is passion and it's a memorial to the love of life. It can be hard some days to be thankful for everything we have, but every time I bake and cook I have to realize that everything I have is a gift. I hope that you too will see why food is an art and learn a love for food and for life. Savor every bite that life has to give you!

Biking in Holy City of Bread (San Fransisco)

Colby (AKA Baker Boy)